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About Deviant Alfonso Lorenzo De Olmos24/Male/Argentina Groups :iconbo-katanfans: Bo-KatanFans
The Flirt Of Mandalore
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Nightmare Twilight by ShinyWhiteWaters

Ok, here goes my critique towards your work in here. At technique I'll give two and a half stars only for how true to both the show and...

Fallen by Princess-Anakin

About this... I have to say that it's completely outstanding the way both Venom and Spiderman and having Venom similar to SPidey it's v...


Vs. Series.
 Currently Vs. Series from the Star Wars Saga from Season 4. As well as ones from the Avatar TLA/LOK Franchise.
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Kaltes Herzeleid B-day ID by SSJ4Truntanks
darthformalhaut B-Day ID by SSJ4Truntanks
You wan an ID in your birthday made by me? Just pay 30 Points and you will have it.Bezsoba B-day ID by SSJ4Truntanks 
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Nightmare Rarity Collage by SSJ4Truntanks
RariTwi Collage by SSJ4Truntanks
This one is for collages of almost anything. It costs 30 Points. Not much.
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Nightmare Rarity Lover Stamp by SSJ4Truntanks
Comission Points for stamp of any size: 20 Points.


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Alfonso Lorenzo De Olmos
My Chatroom:…

Appearance: Slender, pale skin, dark hair, brown eyes (red at times) and tall.
Personality: Depending on how I wake up myself most of the times :P.

Current Residence: Argentina (Real Life), Princess Celestia's Palace, Imperial Palace and Fire nation Palace.
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Hard Rock, Metal and any stuff (not Miley Cyrus nor Justin Bieber)
Operating System: Windows 7 and Vista.

My DA Friends and Allies:
:icongiorgia99: :iconanakin-caffrey: :iconpurplewillowtrees: :iconjessicabane501: :iconprincess-anakin: :icondarthfomalhaut: :icondarthvaderxsnips: :iconnightmare-kaltes: :iconpexaro: :iconlady-lisette: :iconn-y-n-a: :iconbezsoba: :iconkiarafan2: :iconkurvosvicky: :icongoblin-beast: :icontmdarth11: :icondarthwill3::iconshinywhitewaters: :iconmr-wolfman-thomas:

What pony Am I?
My Little Pony Personality Test!
My Little Pony Personality Test!
Hosted By Anime…

My other places:…

Stamps Section:

Star Wars
Palpatine Stamp by Gallant-Warrior Star Wars Jedi Stamp 15 by dA--bogeyman Star Wars Sith Stamp 1 by dA--bogeyman Ahsoka Stamp by Anakin-Caffrey Bo-Katan Stamp by xVanessaSkywalker Star Wars Jedi Stamp 13 by dA--bogeyman Star Wars Sith Stamp 3 by dA--bogeyman Star Wars Gen. Grievous Stamp by dA--bogeyman Star Wars Jedi Stamp 14 by dA--bogeyman Star Wars Jedi Stamp 2 by dA--bogeyman Star Wars Jedi Stamp 22 by dA--bogeyman Star Wars Jedi Stamp 7 by dA--bogeyman Star Wars Jedi Stamp 16 by dA--bogeyman Star Wars Jedi Stamp 28 by dA--bogeyman Anakin Stamp by Anakin-Caffrey Darth Malgus Stamp by SSJ4Truntanks Darth Zannah Stamp by SSJ4Truntanks Asajj Ventress Stamp by SSJ4Truntanks Darth Bane Stamp by SSJ4Truntanks

Avatar The Last Airbender/Legend Of Korra
Azula stamp by Numbuh9 Amon stamp -3 by LadyBeelze I love Jun stamp by GNDTheMusicRemix I love Suki stamp by GNDTheMusicRemix Zaheer Stamp by Lithestep Korra Stamp by daughterofthestars Kuvira Fan Stamp by SSJ4Truntanks Iroh's Stamp by 3VAD127 Sokka Stamp by DarknessMyrkur

- Godzilla Stamp - by FelipeChoque Wikizilla - SpaceGodzilla Fan Stamp by The493Darkrai Destroyah Stamp by Miss-DNL Iris Stamp by SSJ4Truntanks Monsters Stamp 5 : Gamera by dA--bogeyman

Vegeta .:Stamp01:. by PrinzVegeta SSJ 2 Teen Gohan stamp by Evil-Black-Sparx-77 Perfection: Perfect Cell Stamp by Neko-CosmicKitty Lord Frieza Stamp by Neko-CosmicKitty 18 stamp by pan-kt DBZ_Raditsu Stamp by monstee Creepy kid Buu stamp by Evil-Black-Sparx-77 Piccolo Stamp by Colhan3000 Ghost Nappa .:Stamp:. by AyameLibertine Nappa Fan Stamp by xXTrunks-BriefsxX bardock stamp by zinni

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Nightmare Moon Stamp by jewlecho King Sombra Stamp by Artistic-Twist Nightmare Rarity stamp for Kaltes-Herzeleid by LordPendragonOfCaria Princess Celestia Stamp by jewlecho Vinyl Scratch Stamp by jewlecho Spike Stamp by jewlecho Rarity Stamp by jewlecho Applejack Stamp by jewlecho Rainbow Dash Stamp v2 by jewlecho Twilight Sparkle Stamp by jewlecho Mane-iac Stamp by PrincessCandra Maud Pie Stamp by SoraRoyals77

Raven Stamp by SkyeStamps


Sailor Moon
Sailor Mars stamp by Kay-I Sailor Chibi Moon stamp by Kay-I Sailor Saturn stamp by Kay-I Mistress 9 by just-stamps Black Lady by just-stamps

Other fandoms
NBC's Hannibal Stamp by Floyd46 clockwork orange stamp 01 by mors-ontologica

How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?

Created by Oatmeal

Death Battle-Amazo vs. Cell by SSJ4Truntanks
Android Showdown: Amazo (DC) vs. Cell (DBZ)
Claimed by :icongoldenaura2015:

Death Battle-Chakravartin vs. Hades by SSJ4Truntanks
War Of Gods: Chakravartin (Asura's Wrath) vs. Hades (Saint Seiya)

Death Battle-Cyborg Superman vs. Iron Man by SSJ4Truntanks
Android Hero vs. Villain Fight: Cyborg Superman (DC) vs. Iron Man (MARVEL)

Death Battle-Vegeta vs. Ikki by SSJ4Truntanks
We Are Rivals: Vegeta (DBZ) vs. Ikki (Saint Seiya)

Death Battle-Superboy Prime vs. Beerus by SSJ4Truntanks
Super Massive Destruction: Superboy Prime (DC) vs. Beerus (DBS)
Claimed by :iconthetruth40:

Death Battle-Zatanna Zatara vs. Scarlet Witch by SSJ4Truntanks
Magic Fight: Zatanna Zatara (DC) vs. Scarlet Witch (MARVEL)
Claimed by :iconbadork11:

Death Battle-She-Hulk vs. Wonder Girl by SSJ4Truntanks
Buttkicking Time: She-Hulk (MARVEL) vs. Wonder Girl (DC)
Claimed by :icongoldenaura2015:

Death Battle-Aang vs. Harry Potter by SSJ4Truntanks
Destined to save the world: Aang (Avatar TLA) vs. Harry Potter (Harry Potter)
Claimed by :iconraging-meteor:

Death Battle-Freddy Krueger vs. Michael Myers by SSJ4Truntanks
Slasher Time: Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare On Elm Street) vs. Michael Myers (Halloween)

Death Battle-Luke Skywalker vs. Sora by SSJ4Truntanks
The Adventured Protectors: Luke Skywalker (Star Wars) vs. Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

Death Battle-Broly vs. Sailor Galaxia by SSJ4Truntanks
Legends Are hard To Kill: Broly (DBZ) vs. Sailor Galaxia (Sailor Moon)

Death Battle-Red She-Hulk vs. Big Barda by SSJ4Truntanks
The Pumping Iron Law: Red She-Hulk (MARVEL) vs. Big Barda (DC)
Claimed by :iconbadork11:

Death Battle-Riku vs. Zuko by SSJ4Truntanks
Walking this line between Ally and Rival: Riku (Kingdom Hearts) vs. Zuko (Avatar: TLA)

Chaos vs. Mischief: Shadow The Hedgehog (Sonic) vs. Loki (MARVEL)
Claimed by :iconraging-meteor:

Death Battle-Guts vs. Augus by SSJ4Truntanks
"Nothing Excites my Blood More Than Using My Blade!" Guts (Berserk) vs. Augus (Asura's Wrath)

1) You can claim as maximum 2.
2) I'll place the name of the user who claims it first.
3) Have fun with this and feel free to take time in your choice. There's no deadline for this.

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